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The Story Behind Painting for Profits

Just over six years ago now I was finishing up a three year apprenticeship working under a brilliant painter and business owner named Paul.

Over those three years Paul taught me a lot about the painting trade but he taught me more about life and business.

I remember the day he took me aside, looked me in the eye and told me "If you take your painting skills seriously you can eventually use them to build a beautiful life for yourself and your family."

That's what Paul had done for himself and he was RICH! Well, what I consider rich anyway.

He had a thriving painting business, a custom built home with an in-ground pool, a wife who had the option to stay home and raise their beautiful daughter.

He worked 9am-4:30pm Monday through Friday for himself and cleared $5,000 - $7,000 a week and never seemed to be stressed EVER! (Now that's what I call rich.)

When I told Paul I was moving to Michigan to be closer to family and start my own painting business, he encouraged me...

In fact he said he wanted to help me get started.

What He Gave Me Changed My Life and the Lives
of Hundreds of Other Painters Around the World

I just assumed that he was going to give me a nice cash bonus to help me with the move or get my painting business off the ground. What he gave me was so much more valuable than that.

He gave me his knowledge! A clear step-by-step blue print for success.

On my last day of work (the last day I have ever worked for a boss since) he handed me a large yellow envelope, patted me on the shoulder and told me that he respected my dedication to the trade and how much I grew as a person during our time together.

I opened the envelope to find that Paul had laid out ALL of his secret bidding formulas in step-by-step detail!

The EXACT formulas that he used to build a SIX figure a year income from his small two (sometimes three) man painting business...

...He told me if I use the information to become successful that I had to promise to share it with other painters and help them become successful too. (That's good news for you.)

The Profits Started Rolling In On The Very First
Job and Haven't Slowed Down Since!

To make a long story short - over the last six years I have developed a foolproof bidding and estimating system around those powerful formulas.

These "magic formulas" allow me to land 80-90% of the painting estimates I submit. I call them magic because they are different than anything I have ever seen. They literally helped me land job after job at much higher prices than I ever thought possible.

I had already been studying marketing for years on my own. Reading as many books on the subject that I could get my hands on. Everything from marketing your own service business to online marketing to simple one-on-one selling.

If there's one thing to understand it's this: you have to get your phone ringing or all the bidding and estimating secrets in the world won't do you any good.

So I over the years I developed and perfected the marketing strategies found in the Painting for Profits Painting Business Success System.

I was able to build my complete referral based painting business from the ground up - with Paul's estimating formula's and my marketing techniques.

Painting for Profits can help you do the same! Go here now to read more about my #1 rated painting business building system.

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